Roll the Dice

Voting system - 5 silk/day 
Farming Silk - 1 and 5 silk scrolls from mobs 138-140      

Auto Q&A -10silk/round
Titan uniques - 1-3silk/unique
Lucky Global - 30silk/round
Lottery Tickets - 1-8silk

Events made by GM/EM 

PLVL Uniques
They can be found in Low level Arena from Jangan Teleport

Auto equip for lvl 140
Plvl uniques appear every 30 minutes in Janan PVP/Event Arena
You can buy Immortals 14D for coins in Jangan Grocery NPC

Forgotten World
Pillars can be found in Grocery NPC Hotan
Reward: Egy A and B weapons, Rockets, Immortals 14D

  Job Temple
Selket and Neith: 2:30 8:30, 16:30
Anubis and Isis: 1:00,10:30, 19:30
Rewards: Egy B set parts
Hareoeris and Seth: 12:30, 21:30
Rewards: Angelroad A,B weapons, Special Coupon, Reverses, Resurrections, Arena Coins

     Roc Entrance
Monday: 15:00-17:00
Tuesday: 13:00-15:00
Wednesday: 15:00-17:00
Thursday: 2:00-4:00
Friday: 18:00-20:00
Rewards: 4 Rocket,1 Immortal ,8x 100%ressurection scrools

Fortress War
Every Sunday at 8:00 PM
Fortress War winner has the right to ROLL THE DICE once/day

NPC Items
Egy A can be found in Samarkand CIty AngelRoad NPC (better STR deffence)
Immortal 14D stone can be found in Grocery NPC Jangan. Price: Coins

Angelroad Quest

Quest name How to do it Reward
AngelRoad letter event (lv1 - lv80) Collect AngelRoad letters Berserker scrolls, 2 inventory slots
AngelRoad letter event (lv81 - lv120) Collect AngelRoad letters 20% dmg inc/abs scroll, 2 inventory slots
AngelRoad letter event (lv121 - lv140) Collect AngelRoad letters 4 inventory slots
[Beginner 01] - Genie in the bottle Kill 1 Ja'far 100% resurrection scroll (20 pieces)
[Beginner 02] - Angelroad's first request Hunt 100 Crabs Reverse Return Scroll (30 pieces)
[Beginner 03] - Dark side of the event (part I.) Kill 1 Tiger Girl on Uruchi's Dragon, Kill 1 Immortal Tigerwoman 20% damage increase scroll (10 pieces)
[Beginner 04] - Angelroad's last request Hunt 120 Penon, Hunt 120 Planar, Kill 1 Ice Daughter of Gods (Isyutaru) Spirit magicstone (5 pieces)
[Intermediate 01] - Visit the Galaxies (part I.) Hunt 150 Tathen, Hunt 150 Hell Enchantress, Hunt 150 Wing Tribe Guardian Global chatting (30 pieces)
[Intermediate 02] - White side of the event (part II.) Kill 1 Dundika, Kill 1 Butcher Str/Int scrolls (5 pieces)
[Intermediate 03] - Butcher Butch 999 Blood Hyena Sabakun's jewel (4 pieces)
[Intermediate 04] - Interstellar Snake Kill 1 BeakYung the White Viper Arena coins (600 pieces)
[Expert 01] - Visit the Galaxies (part II.) Kill 1 Isis, Kill 1 Neith Scroll of Luck (3 pieces)
[Expert 02] - Earth in paradise Hunt 1337 Avarice Padjaitun Repair Hammer (20 pieces)
[Expert 03] - Holy Pride I. Kill 1 Horus (Advanced (Expert)), Kill 1 Osiris (Advanced (Expert)) 14D advanced elixir (Shield)
[Expert 04] - Holy Pride II. Kill 1 Sphinx (Advanced (Expert)), Kill 1 Nephthys (Advanced (Expert)) 14D advanced elixir (Accessory)
[Expert 05] - Underworld Hunt 8 Gultons in Forgotten world (4 star) 14D advanced elixir (Protector)
[Expert 06] - Have you seen the notice? Kill 1 Eris, Kill 1 Kidemonas 14D advanced elixir (Weapon)
[Expert 07] - What else do i need? Do nothing 3x Player Rockets, 3x Monster Ignore Scroll
[Expert 08] - Angelroad mission impossible Kill 1 Karkadann, Kill 1 Khulood Premium Plus (1 piece) Hero of AngelRoad title



Bird of Paradise: Kill:Ja'far ,Isyutaru,Demon Shaitan ->14 Int/Str Stats, Critical 5 increase
Hercules: Kill: Sauron
Orion The Hunter: Kill: Tiger girl,Uruchi,Ivy, Nymeria ->5% Damage/Absorption
Holder Of Serpent: Kill: Medusa ->25% Attack Rate
Fly: Kill: Use Rocket 
Libra:Kill: INT/STR Bone
Apus: Kill: INT/STR Venefica
Swordfist: Kill: Lord Yarkan,Jupiter,Earth,Cerberus ->15 Int/Str
Swan: Kill: Roc 1% ->Damange/Absorption
Southern Crown: Kill: Kakradann ->25 Int/Str
Lyre: Kill: Razorbeard ->20 Int/Str
Kill: Baal, Babilion, Yuno ->18 Int/Str
Little bear:
Kill: Ser Devos the Onion Knight
Kill: Togui Elder ->10% critical increased
Kill: All Titans Uniques -> 3%dmg/abs
Ursa Major: How to get it: Most global last day
Deplhinus: How to get it: Kill the most Lady's Charm last day
 Sculptor: How to get it: Most atribute stones used last day
King of Ethiopia: Fail the most elixire last day -> 10% alchemy and luck

Top 3 players from Thief/Trade/Hunter will automatically get rewarded:
1st: Premium Plus
2nd: Extension Gear
3rd: Clock

After reaching a certain achievements level you will get rewarded with various scrolls and increased stats.

Achievement Level


Sapphire: 100ach- 5 int/str, 1% dmg att/abs, alchemy and lucky 2%,
Emerald: 300ach- 8 int/str, 3% dmg att/abs, alchemy and lucky 3%,
Ruby: 500ach- 10 int/str, 5% dmg att/abs, alchemy and lucky 5%
Diamond:1000ach- 20 intr/str, 8%dmg att/abs, alchemy and lucky 8% 
Tanzanite: 2000ach- 30 intr/str, 10%dmg att/abs, alchemy and lucky 9%



Reputation Points

Daily Login 2 Reputation Points
Fortress War owners 2 Reputation Points
Kill Medusa 2 Reputation Points
Kill Sauron 5 Reputation Points
Kill Kakradann 20 Reputation Points

You can buy several in game items with your reputation point:

-Advanced +4 weapon/protector/acc -> 600 reputation points
-Premium Plus -> 400 reputation points

Commands for Reputations

reputation elixir-weapon
reputation elixir-protector
reputation elixir-shield
reputation elixir-accessory
reputation premium-plus

Alchemy Rate

Plus 1-7= 100%
8+12=mid rate
+12= low rate
*using RED lucky powder

*this values are without Lucky/Rocket/Premium+

You can exchange you Special Coupon to reset your stats or skills

ex: coupon-reset-skill

You can exchange you Special Coupon for any ARC weapon
ex: coupon-weapon-arc Stromer
ex: coupon-weapon-arb Stromer
ex: coupon-weapon-ara Stromer

coupon-weapon-arx Axe (Dual Axe)
coupon-weapon-arx CrossBow (Xbow)
coupon-weapon-arx Cutter (Daggers)
coupon-weapon-arx Cursed-Rod (Dark Staff)
coupon-weapon-arx Rod (Cleric Rod)
coupon-weapon-arx Stromer (Staff)
coupon-weapon-arx Sword-eu (1 handed sword)
coupon-weapon-arx Crusader (2 handed sword)
coupon-weapon-arx Shield-eu (Shield EU)
coupon-weapon-arx Blade (Blade)
coupon-weapon-arx Shooter (Bow)
coupon-weapon-arx Shield-ch (Shield CH)
coupon-weapon-arx Spear (Spear)
coupon-weapon-arx Sword-ch (Sword)
coupon-weapon-arx Polearm (Glavie)

You can now use DS Points to add new Title/Color
Check the in game window for that
You can buy DS Points from Item Mall

Extra Stat Points
Drops from INT/STR Bone/Venefica Uniques