-extended Vigor pack to 999pcs
-increase all mobs spawn rate by 50%
-added reward for FTW winners
*1 reputation/daily
*Roll the Dice
-reputation commands for Adv Elixir +4 and Prem+
-added magic options to GM avatar
-changed the names of Cerberus and Captain Ivy (Titans)
-added 1 Silk for Cerberus and Captain Ivy killer
-added Cerberus and Captain Ivy to Triangulum Achievement
-Last quest of AngelRoad reward has been changed from Special Coupon to Prem+
-Hero of AngelRoad title has been fixed
-Steampunk hats are now tradable
-Prison Arena (Donwhang Teleport)
*1 reputation/kill
*1 Arena Coin/kill

-added auto-equip for lvl 140
-added new avatars to Item Mall
-fixed lottery drops
-decreased HP for Jupiter Uniques
-added points/ranking for uniques in event

Lottery lucky 30% increased
Donations 20% off

-added Buffalo trade pet to Item mall - 5 SILK

-added the following items to Lottery tickets
-20% Absortion Damage
-20% Increased Damage
-Socket Stone Iron Wall (Phy/Mag Absortion)
-Socket Stone of Lethality (Critical)
-Socket Stone of Phantom (Berserker)
-Scroll 1000 HP
-Reverse Return Scroll
-Scroll of Luck
Hercules, son of Zeus
Reward: Has been removed
-Silk reward for following uniques:
Demon Shaitat Titan -2 silk
Isyutaru Titan -2 silk
Tiger Girl Titan -1 silk
Lord Yarkan Titan -3 silk
Uruchi Titan -1 silk
-Roc:Reward changed to: 1% dmg/absortion
-Guild has been decreased to 24 members
-Union has been removed (temporarily)
-Notice for killing GM
-Seth Unique
hp lowered by 60%
Angelroad Special Coupon
10 res scrolls
10x revers
20 arena coins
ARA Weapons
Angelroad Special Coupon
10 res scrolls
10x revers
20 arena coins
ARA Weapons
-added notice for Gollam Ring
-added notice when players reach lvl 140

Added a rank on the website for Traders/Thieves/Hunters based on lottery tickets top 50 (with a reward for top 3)
Immortal 14D added to lottery tickets
Disabled Top player and Top Guild ranking from website
Increased the stack of DG14 Magic, Atribute stones and Lucky Powders to 500
Fixed Swan and Southern Crown Achievements buffs
Disabled classic Academy System
Added Academy's buffs to item mall for silks (Premium -> others tab)
Added notices for Title/Special coupons usage
Increased China mastery points to 560 aka 4x masteries
Auto exchange title/special coupons by Chat's commands
Example usage of chat cmds for coupons--
Title coupon "coupon-title titleName" example "coupon-title Reaper"
Special Weapon coupon "coupon-weapon-arc weaponName" example "coupon-weapon-arc Axe"

Release note:

Auto Q&A has been added for every 6 hours, consists in 2 questions, 5 AP reward for each of the question
Dragon: Baal, Babilion, Yuno ->18 Int/Str
Little bear: Ser Devos the Onion Knight
Aquila: Togui Elder ->10% critical increased
Triangulum: Demon Shaitan Titan,Isyutaru Titan,Tiger Girl Titan,Lord Yarkan Titan,Uruchi Titan -> 3%dmg/abs
Sapphire: 100ach- 5 int/str, 1% dmg att/abs, alchemy and lucky 2%,
Emerald: 300ach- 8 int/str, 3% dmg att/abs, alchemy and lucky 3%,
Ruby: 500ach- 10 int/str, 5% dmg att/abs, alchemy and lucky 5%
Diamond:1000ach- 20 intr/str, 8%dmg att/abs, alchemy and lucky 8%

Fixed notice for alchemy
Fixed Orion, the Hunter reward buff
Fixed some items from the starter pack to be sold at NPC
Security and other fixies applied

Now you can sell your start up items to NPC
Lottery lucky has been increased
HWT uniques drop has been increased
Old Vital Increase skill can not be used anymore, just the new one (warriors)
Fixed "Fly" achievement
Fixed Snow drop

Swordfish achievement has been fixed
Dimensional Hole has been changed to Shipwreck-The Sea of Resentment
Holder of serpent achievement has been reduced to 2 reputations
Fixed Razor amount of drop
Gold trade has been increase x6

Voting system has been added on website. Level required 140
Added HP/MP grains to Jangan Box

Added Character information on website (achievement & reputations)
Discord invite system from website has been fixed.
Fixed Achievement for Roc and Razorbeard
Added Immortal 14D and Rocket to Razorbeard
Max stack for HP/MP grains extended to 999 pieces
Removed usless drops from mobs/uniques
Allowed exchange during trade/job
Allowed Ressurection Scrolls in trade/job runs

Guild and Job penalty resets everyday at calculation time.
Drop rate in Forgotten World has been fixed.
Lottery rewards has been considerably increased
Increase SOX drop rate for 14D items
-Agile Diubun
-Desert Thief Swordsman
-Canyon Iblis
Fixed reputation points for Medusa
Fixed daily reputation reward

Server Info

  • Online Players: 217 / 1000

  • Exp Rate: 80x
  • Party Rate Exp: 90x
  • Drop Item Ratio: 15x
  • Drop Gold Ratio: 10x
  • CAP: 140
  • EU Mastery: 280
  • CH Mastery: 560
  • Fortress: Hotan
  • PC Limit: 6
  • IP Limit: 10
  • Max Plus +18 No Advanced


  • Servertime: 14:20:21